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Caribou Mountain Trail Hiking Information

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Caribou Mountain is 960 feet tall and is normally hiked from the Dynamite Brook Road. Caribou can be reached from two different trails leading from Black Mountain. However, these two trails are quite long and very few people hike them. I'll describe the Dynamite Brook access here.
From Ellsworth, take route 1 north. After driving 5 miles east of Ellsworth, take a left turn onto 182 (just past the Irving gas station). Stay on route 182 for more than 10 miles. The road will eventually follow the edge of Fox Pond. This pond will be on your right. Continue about a mile past the pond, and look for a dirt road on your right. This is the Dynamite Brook road, and it has a steep hill that climbs from route 182. Drive up this hill and continue on this road until you see a bridge at the bottom of a hill. Park before this bridge on your left.
The trail is relatively flat for 5 minutes, and then it begins a steep ascent. At the top of this hill is a trail junction. If you go straight ahead, the trail leads to Catherine Mountain. Instead, turn right. The trail remains level for a while. It passes around a small pond, between some small rocks and then into a swampy area. You may need to scout your away around this swampy area, depending on the water level. After this section, the trail begins a relatively steep ascent through a boulder field. Eventually, the trail opens up a bit into an overgrown field. Here, a smooth rock runs for approximately 20 feet along this trail like a park bench. Continue up over a section of small boulders. The trail soon levels out and then opens dramatically for a view of Tunk Lake. Here, there is a large open rock that provides a nice vantage point. At this point, the trail splits. If you go down over the face of these rocks (to the left), this trail will take you to the east peak of Black Mountain (3.3 miles). Or, you can stay on top of the open rock and turn to the right. This trail leads you to the southern end of Caribou, which offers nice views. This trail stays on top of Caribou Mountain for quite a while. Then, it drops down the southern face through some interesting cliffs and large boulders. The trail levels out eventually and meets up with a trail leading to Redman's Beach campsite (to the left). If you continue straight ahead, you will reach the west peak of Black Mountain.
From the peak of Caribou, it is 1.5 miles to the junction with the Redman's beach trail. From this junction, it is 1.4 miles to the campsite. Or, it is 0.9 miles to the west peak of Black Mountain.

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