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How can I reserve the cabin?

Please contact us at or call 207-266-4922 (before 9pm), and I will provide you with a rental agreement. You will need to print the rental agreement, sign it, and mail it along with a 50% deposit made out to "Christian Gilbert". The rental agreement and money will need to be mailed to Christian Gilbert, 119 Eastbrook Road, Franklin ME 04634.

Where is this cabin?

This cabin is in Beddington, Maine. Beddington is a little more than 5 hours from Boston, or it is one hour east of Bangor.

Does the cabin have electricity?

The cabin has a coleman lantern and a gas stove for cooking. There is no electricity. Two skylights and windows on 4 sides of the cabin provide a lot of light during the day.

Does the cabin have a shower?

A shower is available at the nearby Airline Snack Bar for a free. Bring a towel. Otherwise you are welcome to swim in the lake. There are no neighbors within sight.

Can I swim in the lake?

Spruce Mountain Lake has crystal clear water, and it is great for swimming. The previous owner of the cabin swam only at this location. In his mind, no other place was as nice as this. His wife said he was spoiled.

Is there a refrigerator at the cabin?

There is a cooler at the cabin. You can bring a block of ice, and place it with your food in the cooler. You are recommended to carry in your cold items in a backpack and then use the available cooler. In warm temperatures, you can keep the cooler cold by placing a wet towel on top of the cooler. The heat will dry the towel and keep your cooler cold.

Can I bring my canoe or motor boat?

A nice canoe is provided for people who stay at the cabin. To reach the boat launch or the cabin, you will need to carry your boat 0.3 miles. I do not recommend carrying a boat this far.

How long is the hike to reach the cabin?

It takes about 10 minutes to walk along the hiking trail from the parking area to the cabin. The trail is 0.3 miles long.

How many people can sleep at the cabin?

The cabin has one queen sized bed. However, as many as 6 people have stayed there. If you are bringing more people, make sure they bring air mattresses or a tent.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, and dogs love the cabin. If you bring a dog, you will need to provide your own blankets.