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Go swimming

The water is crystal clear and you'll have plenty of privacy for enjoying a refreshing swim in the water

Visit Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec

This park is on a peninsula east of Lubec. From the parking area, you can walk down to a light house. Then start walking to your right and explore the amazing trails that follow the ocean cliffs. A myriad of trails also cut through the moss-covered trees and encourage exploration. These hiking trails provide an amazing view of the ocean. (a bit less than 2 hours from the cabin)

Visit the Bold Coast in Cutler

This hiking area is just east of Machias in Cutler. Cutler offers some of the finest oceanside camping in Maine. There's a 10 mile loop trail for ambitious hikers, or a shorter coastal trail that leads to the three campsites. The ocean is about almost an hour's walk from the parking area. (1 1/2 hours away from the cabin)

Visit Bar Harbor

Drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain, hike along oceanside cliffs at Great Head, enjoy a day at the beach at Sand Beach, hike a steep and challenging trail (called the Precipice) up Champlain Mountain, go for a whale watch, check out the interesting rock formations along the Gorham Mountain trail, hike the steep yet short trail that goes up the Beehive (a mountain partially created by a volcano), try one of six trails climbing Dorr Mountain, go horseback riding, walk along the Shorepath Trail, check out the local farmers market, check out the only fjord on the eastern coast of the US, and get some great healthy food and supplements at A&B Naturals on Cottage Street. Bar Harbor is home to Acadia National Park and it offers some of the finest hikes and attractions in Maine. (2 hours from the cabin)

Hike Lead Mountain

The trail to Lead Mountains starts on route 9, just opposite the turn onto the East Beddington Lake Road. (15 minutes from the cabin)

Hike five different mountains

Black Mountain, Caribou Mountain, Catherine Mountain, Schoodic Mountain, and Tunk Mountain  (less than one hour from the cabin)

Go Canoeing

Paddle the 450 acre lake in a nice wooden canoe

Go Whitewater Canoeing or Kayaking

Narraguagus River (an overnight or day trip within 1/2 an hour of the cabin), Machias River (2 night trip approximately an hour from the cabin), St Croix River (2 night trip less than 2 hours from the cabin).

Sit in a Rocking Chair on the Porch

My favorite thing to do at the cabin is to relax in a rocking chair. Every time I go to the cabin, I spend time watching the water and enjoying life.

Go Mountain Biking

There are miles and miles of dirt roads to explore.