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Downeast Maine offers some great hiking trips. A new hiking map for Black, Caribou, Catherine, Schoodic, and Tunk Mountains is now available. The map includes 2500 words of trail descriptions for 11 different hiking trails. To purchase a copy of this new 16"x24" color hiking map, please send $6 plus $3 shipping and handling to: Christian Gilbert 119 Eastbrook Rd Franklin ME 04634 For basic trail information for these mountains, visit the following pages:


Tunk Mountain - This mountain is 1157 feet high and has 4 different trails that climb to the peak.


Catherine Mountain - This mountain is 942 feet high and has three different trails that reach the peak. .


Schoodic Mountain - This mountain can be climbed from the east or west side. The east side has two different trails from the parking area that meet up 0.3 miles from the peak.


Black Mountain - This mountain has two peaks (East and West) and offers a nice loop. There are three different main trails to reach Black Mountain. One trail climbs from the east, another climbs from the southwest (near the Donnell Pond parking area), and the third trail connects from Caribou Mountain.


Caribou Mountain - This mountain is normally hiked from the Dynamite Brook Road, but it can be reached from two different and lengthy trails leading from Black Mountain.